Mission Statement


  East Cooper Pet Relief was created to provide assistance for people in the East Cooper Community who are unable to properly care for their pets due to financial, physical or transportation limitations. The focus will be to care for those animals that would otherwise not take advantage of the current available welfare resources.


   We are also here to be a source of education for the community about the importance of preventative/ wellness care, stray animal population control and the human benefits of better physical and emotional health due to living with and caring for a pet. Despite the logical and practical opinion that if one is unable to afford the care of a pet should not have one, insurmountable amount of research and study has revealed significant benefits of physical and emotional health to humans when living with animals in addition to the monetary benefits.  A recent study performed by George Mason University calculated an $11.7 billion savings in U.S. healthcare costs as a direct result of pet ownership.  By helping people maintain their relationship with their pet, we are helping the individual, the animal and our community to live healthier, richer and happier lives.



Spay & Neuter Day 


National Adoption Event 

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